Candidate for School Board

Jenny is running for a seat on the CVUSD School Board to provide a voice for change and to refocus the Board’s efforts on our children’s welfare and academic needs. She believes the School Board needs leadership that seeks to create engaging and empowering academic environments for the students it serves, ensures true transparency in its policy development and decision-making, and enables the teachers charged with educating our children by providing them the training and resources needed as they shape our leaders of tomorrow... Learn More

School Board Issues

Good Governance

We need elected officials who properly view their role as that of public servants to the community at large and who remember—in everything they do—that their duty is to help and support the public they serve... Learn More

Transparency in Policy Development and Decision-Making

Our schools chart the course for our children’s futures, and as such, are a vital part of our community... Learn More

Putting Our Children First

There are many real issues that present significant threats to the quality of the educational environments our district schools can offer, and that have the potential to significantly impact our students if left unaddressed... Learn More

Engaging and Empowering Academic Environments

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and that should be reflected in every decision our School Board makes... Learn More

Teacher Support

Our children’s future success and the impact they will have on their own communities as adults is in significant part a result of their experiences as students... Learn More

2018 Endorsements

Let's Do This Together!

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